6 Month Coffee Subscription

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At Contra, we strive to be much more than a simple subscription service, setting ourselves apart by providing an exclusive look into the cultivation of the most exotic beans and some of the world’s top-tier blends.

Our team is passionate about coffee and it shows in every step of our curation process. In the same way the world’s interest in and appreciation for attention to detail has flourished when it comes to everything from art and design, fashion and food, even fields of knowledge - as these industries have grown into truly global entities, our passion for coffee has officially gone universal.

Each month, you’ll receive a premium, new blend spanning multiple continents to enjoy, handpicked by me and my team, along with detailed tasting notes and the story behind that particular roast, to enhance not only your experience but your understanding of and insight into the origins and development of that particular blend as well.

All of our coffee is Fair Trade or Direct Trade Certified, and our beans are roasted, sealed, and shipped within 48 hours to ensure they arrive at your house perfectly fresh and bursting with flavor.

Determine a delivery schedule that best suits you and join us as we explore the finest coffee the world has to offer.

    Plans automatically renew. Free to cancel any time.

    • All Coffee Is Fair Trade or Direct Trade
    • Ships Fresh Within 48 Hours Of Being Roasted
    • Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee
    • 14-day Return Policy


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